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Sustainable Additive Manufacturing Vs Injection Moulding

Compartmentalised Printer Manufacturing

Specialising in design for sustainable additive component manufacturing; our innovative approach offers a route to medium to large scale plastic production, reducing dependence on overseas manufacturing supply chains and creating new opportunities for early stage ideas. One component is assigned to one 3D Printer so its tooling cost is around £500 per part.

Aluminium Cast Injection Moulding

Getting aluminium moulds made in the UK was financial unviable; as the tooling cost for the whole product would have been 500k. China was the only viable alternative to get this product produced and even then we were quoted 10k per part. Ovafly was only made possible by 3D printing.

Sustainable Additive Manufacturing

Our 3D printing services utilize sustainable additive manufacturing techniques to produce high-quality prototypes and products as well as 3D models for visual and technical approval. 3D printed products like Ovafly that are manufactured where they are distributed, can be sold at a much more competitive price because they cut out the shipping agent and customs middleman.

Overseas Supply Chain

When you import a component from China you pay around 25% of the invoice for the product itself. The rest of the cost is brought about by customs charges and agency handling fee's, which in our experience can make up 75% of the invoice. This is why products made overseas end up retailing at an inflated rate here in the UK.

"We specialise in the transformational value of pursuing perfection."

Lewis Holden

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