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After enquiring about our services, we will generally try and meet with you in person if possible, or on Skype if geography isn't on our side. The initial consultation is included in the price, but at a reduced rate while we establish your requirements. 


The below categories of work affect the approach to your brief. 

The aim is always to understand your overall objective and how much you are willing to invest in your Design Project.


We are yet to work with someone that hasn't profited from their design investment and can pitch those numbers to you in our consultation.


Operating with a product and sales driven perspective means it's understood from the start, that there is no such thing as a unicorn.



Website Design

In this day and age, there are a million and one ways to develop a website. A comparison would be Brick Laying - pretty much everyone could lay a brick, but you'll pay a bricklayer to do it, because they do it the best and the quickest. More crucially, they understand how their part of the build fits in with the other trades and this knowledge can only come with experience.


It's very similar in Web Development - your general criteria is appearance, user interaction, search engine optimization, load time and the synchronicity with your other brand content. If it's a store, you need to make sure your product inventory meets requirements that allow it to be synced to paid Shopping Ads. 


Business Cards

Most of the skill in designing great business cards actually comes from the limitations of getting them printed afterwards. The digital side is the easy part.


Reverse engineering your requirements by deciding on what material and colour you want the card to be first, means when you choose the finish, the possibility when it comes to print will be clearer. If you are serious about your business, you will already have a lot of criteria including colour, font and a theme (possibly from your website).


All your graphic material needs to look symbiotic with each other. This is your identity; people read a lot into your identity....more than you would think. 


After years of doing this, it really is best advised to keep your cards nice and simple. If you think about it, the job of a business card is to provide your prospective client with your information. They will judge you based on how well it's designed, however the best Business Cards are simple, feel great, look great... and even, smell great!


Pay-per-click Adverts & Keyword Auctions

Every generation has its limitations and opportunities - technology is facilitating the world around us. Your gift ... is time to think.


With that said, if you're not building your following on Social Media and deploying Digital Marketing skills... well, you're missing out. This is a numbers game - like any equation, you can use formulas to reach the outcome you want. 


The search index using internet user only equates to about 3% of all the internet itself. For every product or service in the world, search engines use a taxonomy to categorise items and services.


In a given location, for every word or term you use, there will be a total number of people you can access. The popularity of your chosen field dictates how competitive it is and therefore how much you have to bid - to get your advert to appear high for that search.  


When it comes to advertising a product, the rules are different, but the results even more astonishing. You can't sell on Google Shopping without registered Gtin and Mpn numbers. 


If you're interested in seeing how this has worked for us in the past, it's possible to provide you with statistics that will dissipate your concerns.


Logo Design

The logo's: Heraclitus used it to refer to a principle of order and knowledge; Stoics used it to refer to the divine animating principle pervading the Cosmos, and Philo adopted the term into Jewish Philosophy. In Christianity, the Gospel of John identifies the Logos as divine and Jesus as the incarnate Logos.


First of all, it must be said, that we LOVE designing logos. It's kind of a mini version of much larger projects, but the process is just the same and the outcome comes after only a couple of days. To a Product Designer, logo design is a bit like a Belgian truffle to a chocoholic.  


The cherry on the cake TNS can offer you is having your logo actually embellished onto something - making you Key Rings, Signage or even a Coffee Coaster with your logo on. It's handy to know this is your intention from the beginning, so the best course of action can be decided. 


Social Media

In the 1980's, there was a big opportunity to buy up property and hang onto it. If you bought in Central London, you would have made more per year on your investment than the current average UK living wage. Social Media market development is the property of today.


The world is right at your fingertips now - you can tweet to anyone on the planet and if your material goes viral, you can become a short-term celebrity over night. If you put the effort into your Social Media and have the patience to build a following, you can bring the general public to you without having to go to a trade fair or pay for a shop. The world spends more time looking at their phone now than they do sleeping. We all share the opportunity of having a say in what appears on that little screen.


There is a framework that managing Social Media accounts has to be done with, but as a general rule, the focus is on making the material relevant to the people being followed. There has to be a narrative and the people who choose not to partake in your adventure must be un-followed.


3D Modelling & Product Animation

A large part of the product development process is about producing scale 3D models of your concepts. First, 2D drawings are created and then scaled via extrusion. Once this has been done with every part, you then assemble the parts - giving you an accurate model of your concept.


Apart from saving money, the modelling process saves you a lot of brain power and helps you become aware of what's possible in the real world a lot quicker. The model does a lot of the thinking for you, so you can use it as a platform to generate further ideas or build an actual prototype in the workshop.


Graphic Publications & Documents for Print

The advantage of using scaled vectors is that they can be positioned accurately on a sign, component or document, with particular attention paid to resolution. We use industry standard magazine publication software to ensure the work is glossy and professional - working closely with a local print house.


Outsourcing graphics when a durable high-res finish is required on signs or components is also possible.


Router Services

Cooperating with fellow inventors and hobbyists has been done before. If you have parts you want cutting or need advice with a manufacturing strategy, we are always happy to help.


The main objectives are focused on having an influence on the world via material arrangement.



You can hire the CNC Mill and its operator for £17 per hour or a £150.00 day rate.

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