Before you consider what's possible, it's important to realise that we programme those parameters on a thought by thought basis. We decide on the world that we see - in our perspectives and in our conscious decisions.


Be careful whose advice you buy, be patient with those who supply it. Advice is a form of nostalgia. Fish it from someone else's past and recycle it for more than its worth.


Good designers are just researchers in disguise. The better the research, the greater the outcome. With TNS, you'll get a perspective you've not come across before. Great design is worth every penny! 


There is an epidemic in the west; people are frightened to invest their money. To make money, you have to invest something. If you own a business, there are some very risk averse ways of doing this. You'll always make the king pins 30%, but you'll get 70% back. 

Our Story

The Need Seed inc was founded at the halfway stage of a 24 month product design engineering project in early 2017.


The design outcome (after 8 more months of manufacturing design) is justified by the specification of a problem combined with fastidious research. 


Possessing the equipment and knowledge necessary to manufacture consumables, along with a relentlessness of spirit, has sustained and intensified the clarity of the goal.


Building a company from nothing but material arrangement has been a life long dedication to thinking - which through design, is now bearing fruit.

A unique perspective enables the absolute maximum to be squeezed from the resources that are available; including that of present and past clients.


The skills & services on offer have all been acquired whilst working towards a greater goal. We can help you with your project - because this one was done organically.


Some would even argue, that these methods are ancient. Not a penny borrowed and the consequences of that - embraced.


The great thing for you, is getting a service you will never forget.


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for £160 a month

Photo realistic images & digital documents.

2D & 3D Art  

Our work is technical - it's skilful & it's totally unique.


Logo Design

Web Design

It's all about awareness of the bigger picture...


Graphic publications & documents for print.

Interpret the end result using digital renders and you'll save a fortune!

Photo Renders

Artistic Models

3D modelling in a digital scene is how computer games are made; animation is produced in the same way!


It's a fine line between quality & ordinary. Sparkling graphic material with a promo code

will make users engage with your products.



If you bulk schedule tweets in advance of an event or product launch, you will raise the stock of your search engine ranking.


seeding . . .

Our clients past & present 

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TNS inc. HQ

Unit 1, 26 Connaught Rd

Attleborough, NR17 2BN

Tel: +447769637949


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