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Designing for Sustainable Additive Manufacturing

CPM Sustainable Additive Manufacturing Design

Production Design


24hr 3D Printing Schedule

QR Code Component Inventory

Post-processing Schedule

Assembly Stages Protocol

P&L Production Revenue

LEAN Manufacturing & Kaizen

Production Waste Recycling

Solar Panel Array

MES Software Interface

Sales Pipeline & CRM

Product Development


Convergent Sketch Ideation

Divergent Modelling & CNC Tooling

Parametric Fusion 360 Schematics

Component Orientation for FDM

Slicing Digital Assets into GCODE

PLA Prototyping

PETG Prototyping

Evaluation of Concept

Continual Improvement

Production Prototyping

Technical Design


Illuminated LED Retail Signage

Exhibition Stand Design

Large-scale Print Production

'Life-like' Product Packaging 

Digital Design Services

Packaging Cutting Guides

3D Modelling

Packaging Insert Design

Branding & Market Positioning

Outsourced 3D Print Services

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